Delight yourself with homemade meals cooked with love al fresco, just a few steps away from the sparkling ocean. We are always innovating our menus, inspired on the new food scene that has emerged in Bali thanks to vegetarians, vegans and organic addicts.



Charming at any time of the day and more attractive as the sunsets, our outdoor Tiki bar offers a relaxing ambience and a range of smoothies,  international wine and author cocktails. The ideal spot to relax and meet more wandering souls after a day of surfing and adventures.

A cocktail at Dreamsea resort


The yoga classes at Dreamsea Surf Camp in Bali are designed to be a sanctuary for the body, heart and mind. Your breathing will be filled with a mixture of fresh sea breeze and savage local flora. Join every morning to energize your vibe and at the end of the day to stretch and find serenity. Whatever you choose, it is a perfect time to feel younger and in touch with yourself.

Dreamsea family doing yoga lessons


Bali is a wonderful world full of places to visit, experiences to discover, people to meet and magic moments to share with friends. Don´t hesitate to get out and experience the Bali street life, the nature, the food and all the this great locations is ready to offer you.

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The tropical climate and weather conditions make Padang Padang a perfect holiday at any time of the year. Whatever the season, Bali always provides an enchanting experience and pink magical sunsets. The sun is mostly always out and the locals are always smiling, and despite what the weather might have up its sleeve, there is always a way to enjoy it.


Bali’s streets are always buzzing with some kind of celebration: could be local religious ceremonies or some international festival. The dates of local Hindu ceremonies are based on three different calendars (Western, Saka and Wuku) so keep an eye while you are on the streets: there’s always something happening!.


Experience the local side, go to the small family owned business, warungs. There you will enjoy authentic Indonesian food as gado-gado, nasi goreng and satay chicken. If you are looking for another level,  the bintang beer and nasi goreng may sounds like an old story to you. In that case, world class restaurants are around to give you what you need. Bali is a gastronomical paradise!