Yes, Dreamsea is the perfect place to enjoy surf, summer and nature. You are surrounded by a lot of cool people from different countries trying to relax and have fun. At some point, you will meet someone who will seduce you with a magical stare, a deep conversation, a charming smile or just because they are hot. In the camp, love is in the air everyday so we want to share with you some advice based on past experiences. Enjoy and have fun, because this is what Dreamsea is about!

1. It is loud. Maybe it is the nature around, maybe it is the tanned skin, the young spirits or the summer nights. Scientists don’t have an answer yet, but when you are in the camp, passion runs through your blood and it´s really hard to hide it. So don’t get scared or angry if in the middle of the night (or day) the sounds of love wake you up.  Tomorrow you could be the lucky one!

2. It is a tent, not a room. Whether you are in glamping or not, there is literally a thick line between what is happening in the tent and the outside world. Also you are surrounded by people 24/7. This means that privacy is not exactly the same as in the city. For sure it is a good opportunity to get rid of your shame.

3. It is intense. We all know what it means to have a summer love so when you meet someone here sometimes you think that you are going to have a casual love affair. When this happens, you wake up in the morning thinking: – Ok, last night was awesome but they already left my tent without a morning kiss so you think it is all over.- No big deal for you, because there are more fish in the sea. But suddenly, they come 10 minutes later with a delicious breakfast. The love keeps flowing and you start to sleep together every night and then one day you end up moving into their tent. True story.

Or maybe you end up marrying the love of your life in the camp like Marina and Hugo at Dreamsea France. Congratulations guys, we love you!

4. It is sweaty. It is summer, you are in the woods and the sun is burning. Whether you do it by day or by night, you have to be conscious about the micro-climate you are creating in a glamping tent. Be sure to take some time out after working out so hard, for example, some midnight surfing, a book in the chill out or just a relaxing walk by the shore.

5. You have to be strategic. Seriously, it is a jungle out there guys. If you like someone you have to be quick and smart because the night is wild and you cannot expect your competitor´s movements.

We asked for a quick trick from one of our best experienced Dreamsea lovers (M) and here’s what he said: “Invest in wine. The perfect company for warming up the situation anywhere, anytime.”

6. Develop a unique trademark. What we love about people is that everyone is different. In the throws of passion, it is important to differentiate your style from the rest in order to leave a good impression. Then give your style a good, memorable name and your lover will never forget you.

For example, you can make it “Shanti Style” if you are into the yogi life or “Midnight Cowboy” if you are a real night rider. Think about yours, leave a good trademark and let us know!

7. Be a ninja. If you don’t want anybody to notice your night movements, you have to nail the art of sneaking like a real ninja when you are going in/out the tent. If you are on the way to your lover’s tent and somebody asks you where you are going, pretend that you are searching for the bathroom or just say a big SEE YOU LATER! with a big smile and continue walking with your head held high.

If your plan is to leave the tent, quietly open the zip and take a quick look outside. Listen carefully in case somebody is coming. If you think you are ready, go fast and then pretend again that you came from the bathroom.

8. Dancing skills. Some of the nights you stay in Dreamsea will end up on the dance floor, which is actually a battlefield because there are a lot of people partying. Some latin lover movements and dancing queen/king attitude are crucial if you want to impress and get closer to him/her.

9. Investigative skills. In the camp you will develop all your D.I.T (Dreamsea Investigation Team) instincts because there is nothing more funny that figuring out with your friends at breakfast who slept with who the night before.

10. Don’t forget to turn your lights off. If you keep the light on while having fun in the tent, the shapes will reveal what are you are doing in the moment. Another true story.


Especial thanks to Kiki and all the sexy Dreamers that helped us put all the ideas together!