“It must be a full moon,” is a phrase heard whenever crazy things happen. Our white little satellite has always been surrounded by an aura of mystery. Its influence over human behaviour has been object of fascination and mythical speculation for centuries. If it turns out that you are in the camp while the full moon glows, maybe you should know that weird things will happen around you. Better be aware of:

 1. NOCTURNAL SAVAGE CREATURES that you have never seen: serious and shy people that suddenly finish a whole glass in one sip or end up dancing without t-shirt up on a table. Beware of these party animals, they seem harmless but they can drag you into a hard party night and in consequence, to a hard hangover the next day.

2. MYSTERY WALKS INTO THE WOODS. You better don’t make any appointment that night because you will hear the nature’s call for adventure. Under the white light of a shiny moon it’s the perfect occasion for taking a walk into the forest and its mysteries. Let the night owls guide your path.


  1. COVEN TIME. Gather with your sisters and friends in a circle, light some candles and get ready to work some spells together in the places that concentrate big amounts of energy like under the biggest tree or next to the shore. Oh, for sure it’s gonna be the perfect night to put a love potion in someone’s drink.


  1. NOCTURNAL SKINNY DIPPING. Ever urge to dive into crystalline water without clothing? Skinny dipping it’s one of the most adventurous and spontaneous activities to do at the camp. It’s a ritual that’s been occurring for centuries in carefree, unguarded moments. Under the moonlight, there are a lot of reasons to abandon your bather: it’s almost dark, you are a free spirit or you just want to turn into a mermaid. Inhibitions fall away as fast as the wind flaps away towels.


  1. MISSING PEOPLE FOR ONE NIGHT. But not one by one, but two by two. The power of full moon makes passion grow. The stare of the one you like shine more under the sweet light of a full moon. It’s the perfect time to look across the room to your partner-in-crime and send them signals that you only both understand, then disappear discreetly under the stars. Let the power of the moon, the stars and love shine!