Sometimes we can’t wait to grab the board and wetsuit, run crazy horse style from the camp to the beach and jump into the water like there is no tomorrow. Yes, we have to do that because we are wild souls…what else can we do? Time is tight, but your body needs a transition from land to water and from zero to hero. The last thing you want is a slow reaction, nerves or any kind of seizure.

Kirsty Wright, one of our yoga teachers in Dreamsea, suggests the following stretches for warming up the muscles before hitting the waves. The point is breaking a light sweat and rising the body temperature by making active poses focused on the hips, spine and shoulders. So drop your board on the sand and take a few minutes to prepare your body for the action. Don’t forget to connect it with your breath so you can have everything under control.

1) Downward Facing DogAdho Mukha Svanasana – Stretches the shoulder and upper back (great for paddling) and boosts circulation. Don’t forget to elevate your hips and bend your knees a little to protect your lower back.


2) Twisted Wide Legged Forward Fold Parivrtta Prasarita Padottanasana. This pose provides a gentle opening of the legs, lengthens the spine and strengthens the core, upper back, shoulders and hips. The twist brings in a juicy stretch of the upper back.


3) Horse w TwistVatayanasana – Perfect for warming up the hips and getting you ready to bend and turn as you slash through the waves. Like the earlier pose, bring in a twist will slowly warm up your upper back and rejuvenate your spine.


4) Upward Facing DogUrdvha Mukha Svanasana. Stretches the chest and lungs, shoulders and abdomen while strengthening the spine, arms and wrists. This pose introduces us to the position we need to stand up on our board. We need a strong but flexible back as well as strong abdominals, so this pose is perfect.


5) Rock the Baby – It is not a traditional yoga pose (as you can see it has no Sanskrit name), but it is still highly recommended to release the lower body from the hips to the ankles.


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