What is it that makes a beautifully decorated room? Not sure where to start? There is no magic formula. Since we decorate differently each tent we have, we learned that the key to a beautiful space isn’t spending a ton of money on pricey furniture or designer fixtures. It’s about making sure everything in our space works together and express comfiness.

1. Bring some green into your home! Put a wild and classy plant into your living space to liven it up. It is a trick that’s been used by interior designers for years, but it’s not only about aesthetics, our leafy friends are also powerful filters that purify the air around us.

2. Embrace the unexpected: You need to add something fresh and new. But instead of buying new furniture you can repurpose it and get the same feeling of new and unexpected. Don’t be afraid to experiment and to be original. Be clever! In this tent, for example, we used a water jar as a candle holder and an old chair as table and towel holder.

3. Sea shells. Big, little, asymmetric, rounded, pointy… these little sea treasures will make you remember about those summer days by the ocean and will give the dreamy touch to your room.

4. The exotic touch. Make yourself an exotic space with oriental accent with a etnic carpet and one or two pai-pais. As you see in the picture, try to put the elements far from the edge of the carpets. Use it to unify a group of objects.

5. White, white, and more white. The bright colors are necessary to get a fresh look. Paint the wall and your old furniture white and you will get a relaxing ambience by reflecting the light all around the room.

6. More candles. These are essential at decorating any space. The will not only give a romantic look by day. At night they will bring a different scent to your home and will save electricity. Combine the big with the little ones.

7. Oldies: Do not intend to buy things to simply fill the house: but acquire pieces over time that would have meaning, complement your lifestyle, and reflect your personality.

Text by Sara Tabraue