It’s that time of the year again (eyes rolled). Cold, broke and full of impossible resolutions: poor old January! Looks like we walk through a street into the night, full of neon lights that say: BE A BETTER YOU! SELF IMPROVE! QUINOA! DO YOGA WHILE YOU WATCH THE SUNRISE AT 6AM! STOP EATING THOSE CAKES! Would you do it? Do resolutions really work? We give you advice in a very different way:


A NEW ERA IN THE CALENDAR, but is it a new era for you? Maybe it’s not your time to make big and fast changes in your life that lead you to disappoint yourself. Better step by step. Maybe you need those 5h marathons on Netflix and cry while you eat brownies to heal your broken heart.

TRUTHBOMB YOURSELF. That friend that told you that you act like a dumbass during the last dinner, probably was right. Think about it: we lie to ourselves more than the others lie to us. Because no man or women is an island, because there is not only one truth or reality. Listen to your heart, but also listen to honest and good friends, your grandma or your parents.
Stick to reality.

PAY ATTENTION TO SIGNS. Sometimes we want to control everything that happens around us. But you should pay more attention to what life, the cosmos and your body is saying to you. Stop trying to manipulate situations and have expectations about something to happen. Be grateful about what you actually have because everything happens for a reason.

KNOW YOUR TRIGGERS. One of the best ways to prevent undue stress is by being aware of what causes you to become nervous, fatigued, or upset in the first place. Self-care isn’t just about calming yourself after the emotional storm, but preventing it if you can. The same happens with food: what are you craving? Is it cheese? Ice cream? Peanut butter? Once you understand the emotional attachment you have to something (why are you craving it?) you begin to take control of your mind and can learn about your decision making.

PLAN YOUR SUMMER HOLIDAYS. It’s not so easy to find the motivation to make deep changes if you are surrounded by this winter gloom. Imagination and dreaming a little bit can help you here. Find a life changing experience where you can escape from the city and the people you are used to. A place where you can sleep under the trees, but feeling like home. A surf camp in Bali, Nicaragua, Moliets, Cantabria, Portugal… surfing, yoga, dancing under the stars and…  a new different way to see life.

Despite what some bloggers and influencers may lead you to believe, self-care is not a competition. What works for me may not work for you, and vice versa. Be patient with yourself and allow room for mistakes. Mental health and self-care require ongoing, lifelong maintenance — there’s no finish line, and no need to rush your progress.