Take nothing but memories, leave nothing but footprints!”

When Dani and Julian, the founders of Dreamsea Surf Camp, spoke about creating a new Surf Camp, there was one thing certain: If there will be a new Camp, it has to be eco-friendly.

Until now, two years later, this is an important fact for all our camps.
Not only to be eco-friendly, but also to be sustainable, to be green, and to respect the nature.


We know, that it is a big trend to be green and eco-friendly for companies right now and that a lot of companies tell that they are. That’s why we want to explain in detail what we do:

1. We recycle

And we ask every one of you to do the same. There are different bins in the camp and you just need to choose the right one.

2. We keep the camps clean

The camps are our home. And no one likes a home with cigarette butts and plastic leftovers on the floor. But we know that this happens everywhere where humans are, so we clean our home every day.

3. We keep the surrounding beaches clean

We don’t like to sit in plastic instead of sand. To touch plastic in the water while surfing or to know how many animals die because of our trash. So we take not only our own trash with us, but also clean the beaches from the trash others left behind. We do this as often as we can and it is our big dream to stop this, because everyone started to care.

man beach recycle bag

4. We build our own furniture out of old planks

The Dreamsea Surf Camp Family includes some super nice carpenters and we are such happy to have them. That makes it possible to build our own furniture instead of buying everything. We try to give the nature a little rest and use what it already gave to us. And doesn’t it look so much nicer?
wood furniture hand made

5. We save as much energy as we can

We are here in summer with a lot of sun. So who needs the light on for the whole day?

6. We try to do a bit more every day

We know that we are not perfect, but we deeply believe, that this little effort anyone can do, brings a lot. And we try to do this every day and show you every day how easy it can be.

7. We try to educate our guests

We want to make everyone we meet a bit more conscious about protecting the nature.
We deeply believe, that we are the last generation with the opportunity to save the nature and that each individual finally has to care and act!

beach cleaning boys girls camp 

We love the nature and we live in the nature. So let’s care about the nature to make it possible to live this way of life until we are old and grey!