Two weeks have passed with so many new and exciting things happening in our Dreamsea Surf Camps. That means we had more than enough material to create a new Dreamsea Vlog!

A group of girls sitting on the edge of a cliff, cheering towards the ocean.

Just like the last episode, this one takes place in our Surf Camp in Portugal Alentejo. Its remote and natural location at Praia da Galé makes it the perfect place to disconnect from daily tasks and stress. Dreamsea Portugal Alentejo is also well known for its social and collective vibe which will help you to make new friends in an instant.

Two surfers in the forest, carrying a surfboard. In the background you can see bell-tents.
The entrance of Dreamsea Alentejo, Portugal. You can see bell-tents, plants and pinetrees.
Two chill-out lounges on a cliff in Dreamsea Portugal Alentejo, both facing towards the ocean.

If you’re curious and want to take a glimpse into the local camp life and some of the fun activities we offer there, watch our new Dreamsea Vlog and also the last episode:

Which one was your favorite activity this time? If you’d like to join something similar yourself soon, then book a stay at Dreamsea Portugal Alentejo now. If you want to learn more about the Surf Camp before making a decision, check out this Instagram Guide we created for you.  And lastly, we would be super happy if you subscribe to our YouTube channel so you don’t miss the next Dreamsea Vlog (and also the other nice video content we publish there)!

lara rosa