With the last two Dreamsea Vlogs taking place in our Surf Camp in Portugal Alentejo, we thought it’s time for a change of location. While it’s always hard to say goodbye, it also gives you the chance to have a fresh start, meet new people, and experience even more adventures. This is why we moved to Dreamsea Spain Cantabria for this week’s episode. 

Cantabria is an area located on the charming north coast of Spain, featuring green, lush nature and great waves for surfing. Our Surf Camp here is one of our smaller Dreamsea destinations and the perfect place for romantic getaways, groups of friends, and more relaxed trips to a beautiful, natural landscape.

A girl walking through the green landscape of Cantabria (Spain), a lake can be seen in the background.
Two big group tents in Dreamsea Surf Camp Spain Cantabria with parasols and chairs placed in front of them
The dining area of Dreamsea Surf Camp Spain, Cantabria
Two skaters skating into the sunset in Spain, Cantabria

In this Dreamsea Vlog we’ll explore and surf Oyambre Beach, where we also teach our surf lessons. Get ready to enjoy some pristine party waves! After that, our bartender Gigi will show you how to prepare the infamous Passion Of Colada. It’s the perfect after-surf drink for a hot summer day 🍹 Watch the Vlog now and find the recipe written down below:

The Passion Of Colada


  • 30 ml white rum 
  • 30 ml coconut liqueur 
  • 60 ml pineapple juice 
  • dash of passion fruit puree
  • dash of sugar syrup


Put all the ingredients and some ice cubes into a cocktail shaker and shake well. Strain the Passion Of Colada into a wine glass and add crushed ice and a pretty garnish of your choice (for example mint, cinnamon, a piece of passion fruit…) on top. Enjoy!

Close-up of the finished cocktail "The Passion Of Colada"

Do you want to experience party waves in Oyambre, delicious cocktails, and our Dreamsea Surf Camp in Spain Cantabria firsthand? Then make sure to book a stay there very soon.

If you’d like to inform yourself about our other Dreamsea Surf Camps first, we recommend taking a look at our Instagram Guides. Stay updated about new episodes of our Dreamsea Vlog by subscribing to our YouTube channel. There will be a new one every two weeks!

Two surfers sharing a party wave at Oyambre beach
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