Hola, and welcome to a new episode of Dreamsea Vlogs! Summer has arrived, and we are excited about the good weather, happy people, and long beach days. It is the perfect season to roam around and explore nature as we used to when we were kids.

That is why this week’s video features more of Cantabria’s breathtaking landscape, including deep caves and jungle vibes in the southwest of Europe. It might seem like we have magically teleported to Thailand, but we never left Spain! Go and see for yourself:

If you decide to book a stay in Dreamsea Spain Cantabria, you will not be disappointed about the surroundings and the activities they offer. Try for example mountain biking, horseback riding, or climbing. The Oyambre National Park right around the corner of Dreamsea Spain Cantabria is known for its cliffs, dunes, and green, lush meadows. The perfect place for a hike.

Green landscape of Cantabria, Spain with a lake and mountains in the background
A man riding a bike through the nature of Cantabria, Spain

Would you like to explore Spain, Cantabria yourself? Then book your stay there now. Or learn more about Dreamsea Spain Cantabria in our Instagram Guide first. You can also watch the remaining episodes of our Dreamsea Vlogs to get a glimpse of our camp life in Dreamsea Portugal Alentejo instead. Make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel not to miss any new Dreamsea Vlogs. There is a new one coming this Sunday, so stay tuned!

Green fields of Cantabria, Spain, with horses and soft light.
Portrait photo of two horses in the green landscape of Cantabria, Spain.
lara rosa