With the weather getting warmer, people feeling happier, nature thriving in the most amazing colors, you probably noticed: Summer is here. And that means that the season for our European Dreamsea Surf Camps is starting! For us, this is the perfect time to try out new things, connect to new friends, and discover new places. We’d also like to use this occasion to happily introduce something new on our YouTube channel. Get ready for Dreamsea Vlogs.

Three girls surfing and cheering

In this format, our lovely hosts Rose and Yanis will give you a fun, personal insight into our sweet surf camp life and into different Dreamsea destinations. This week’s episode is all about our Dreamsea Surf Camp in Alentejo, Portugal. Take part in Yanis’ exclusive Glamping Plus tent-tour, a fun karaoke session, and follow Rose and her friends to the beach to go surfing. They also got some relaxing Dreamsea activities for you in the evening, so watch ‘til the end to find out what they’ve planned.

If you liked the vlog and want to experience our Dreamsea Surf Camp in Portugal Alentejo yourself, be quick and book your stay here now. Also, make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel and “make a click on the ring” so you don’t miss our next Dreamsea Vlog. We can’t wait to take you with us to show you more magical Dreamsea moments.

lara rosa