On the last post we talked about midnight affairs at Dreamsea. Well, let’s keep on talking about the good things in life. The important things. WINE. Because when you are miles away from the city, lost in the woods, living in a Glamping tent and watching the sunset after a surf session with beautiful people, the only thing you can miss is… a cup of wine. 

But like in everything in life (midnight affair included) you have to be selective. Not everything is worth it! So here’s some help if you need a cup of good taste. This selection comes from the North of Spain, France and Portugal, especially.  Maybe you have already tasted them before having fun at midnight…


TERRA LENTA 2015. RED WINE FROM ALENTEJO. The Alentejo region covers approximately a third of Portugal, producing red wines that are easy drinking and fruit-forward. This Terra Lenta especially has raspberry aroma and an intense body. Its blend made from the union of the Aragonez and Trincadeira grapes is an example of the surprising potential of the Lusitanian territory. Terra Lenta is perfect to share with an early dinner when the sun starts to go down.

FOOD MATCH: Wine from this region pairs excellently with hearty, full-bodied dishes.


GAZELA. GREEN WINE. The green wine (verde) refers to the youth of the grape that produces this wine, that has barely matured. It is a variety of Portuguese wine, elaborated near Minho River. It has an acid touch and it’s usually lightly sparkling.

Gazela is a smooth, light and refreshing wine that matches with the life of the hot, sunny days at Dreamsea Portugal. So yeah, it’s perfect to enjoy it every day! Don’t forget to serve it super cold, in a white wine glass or in a thin glass. It has a light yellow color, with a little effervescence that highlights its freshness. Attractive and aromatic, citrus and tropical. All this gives Gazela an exciting acidity, balanced out with a light final touch of sugar. The final product is a simple, versatile and appealing wine.

FOOD MATCH: Gazela matches perfectly with salads, light fish or seafood. Or just take it as an appetizer!


LA CLOSERIE DE FOURTET. MERLOT. RED WINE.  From the Bourdeux region. A generous, enticing nose that soars from the glass and opens up further and further. Red and black cherries, blackcurrant, blueberry and just a touch of sweet spice mark this out as a real crowd-pleaser… Terrific intensity, clarity and purity, with charm and gloss to spare.

FOOD MATCHING: Cheese selection, all types of classic meat dishes, veal, pork, beef, lamb, duck, game, roast chicken, roasted, braised and grilled dishes


CAMPO VIEJO. RIOJA. RED WINE. The Rioja wine has the oldest Qualified Designation of Origin in Spain. This highly regarded area makes some of the best Tempranillo (young wine) wines in the world. It is a wine region in the autonomous communities of La Rioja and Navarre, and the Basque province of Álava. This Campo Viejo has a red, clean and shining color like ruby. On the nose it has an aroma of red fruits and it is fresh, smooth and fruity in the mouth.

FOOD MATCH: Barbecues, cheese and rices.


BORNOS. VERDEJO 2014. WHITE WINE. Verdejo is a variety of wine grape that has long been grown in the Rueda region of Spain. The grape originated in North Africa, and was spread to Rueda in about the 11th Century, possibly by Mozarabs. Verdejo wines are aromatic, often soft, and full-bodied. Palacio de Bornos is a fresh, young white wine with a pale yellow color combined with greenish tones. Its aroma has a great aromatic potential, displaying the whole palette of this grape variety.

FOOD MATCHING:Pesto pasta, mild cheeses, rice, salads, oily fish, seafood, sushi.


BERONIA RESERVA. RIOJA. RED WINE. Intense ruby red color, clean and shiny. On the nose, it is very attractive, highlighting the aromas of candied fruit and plum jam in perfect balance with the sweet aromas of both chocolate and roasted touch. In the mouth it is fleshy and fruity with notes of cherry and strawberry.

FOOD MATCHING: red meats, roasts, barbecues and Serrano ham.