If you’ve been to a Dreamsea destination before, you know that we are passionate about good vibes and surfing in its true, original, fun, personal and positive form. So why not combine all of this with our very own surfboard brand?

Let us introduce: Pristine Surf Concept

Out of the idea to find back to basics and to keep a positive attitude, especially while surfing, Pristine Surf Concept was born in France in 2020. Our wish is to take a step back from our high-paced lifestyle, enjoying the slow and simple things in life instead.

That’s why all our surfboards are 100% handcrafted and individual, made by skilled Canarian hands with lots of commitment and love. It’s not a factory product but a little piece of art personally manufactured for YOU only. By constantly studying and testing out different surfboard shapes, techniques, and materials, we’re able to make each surfboard unique, perfectly fitting your skills and wishes.

Pristine surdboards shaper Hugo chasing doves with his surfboard on the beach
Pristine surfboards shaper Hugo shaping a new surfboard
black and white photo of 2 women at the beach, carrying their surfboards
Pristine surfboards shaper Hugo surfing in Moliets

Meet Hugo, our surfboard shaper

Hugo’s the artist behind our surfboards, shaping every single one thoughtfully while keeping the dreams of its future owner in mind. Being an amazing skater and artisan with a passion for surfing, Hugo noticed his love for manufacturing very early in his life and continued following it until now. Watch our Dreamsea Surf & Art IGTV-Video to learn more.

Pristine surfboards shaper Hugo shaping a surfboard
Pristine surfboards shaper Hugo writing on a surfboard

Have fun

Just as with Dreamsea, one of the key essences of Pristine’s nature is having fun. We love surfing the most in its classic, entertaining, and collaborative form. 

The best surfer out there is the one having the most fun.

Phil Edwards
happy surfer at the beach, running towards the ocean
black and white silhouette of a man surfing
photo of the back of a female surfer trying to get into the lineup

Pristine surfboards are perfect for both laid-back and challenging sessions in the water. We offer surfboard models for every condition, every style, every body type. Try for example Calma for relaxing small-wave fun or Pasión for higher performance and speed.

three different Pristine surfboard models laying next to each other on the floor
From left to right: Pasión, Calma & Alegria surfboard models // @pristinesurfconcept
red Euforia fish surfboard by Pristine surfconcept
Euforia surfboard model // @pristinesurfconcept
white Alegria surfboard by Pristine surfconcept
Alegria surfboard model // @pristinesurfconcept
white Gloria funboard by Pristine surfconcept
Gloria surfboard model // @pristinesurfconcept

Determining which board is best for you depends on a lot of factors: your surfing skills, surf conditions, types of waves, your weight, height and, even your fitness level. If you’re not sure which surfboard model to choose, send us a mail to and we’ll guide you through the ordering process. We’ll tailor your Pristine surfboard specifically to your needs afterward. Come and try it out yourself.

Visit us at Dreamsea France and get your own, handcrafted surfboard

You probably already know that we love to spend our summers outside and surrounded by nature. That’s why we’ll return to Pristine’s birthplace in Moliets-et-Maa in 2021. Located in our lovely Dreamsea Surf Camp in France we’ll shape, surf, and get inspired for future ideas and projects. 

For you, that means you’ll get the unique chance to follow Pristine’s shaping process firsthand and with your own eyes. The only thing you need to do is book a stay at our Dreamsea Surf Camp in France this summer. Use this possibility and see a surfboard shaper live at work. And who knows, maybe it’s your future surfboard that’s getting shaped while you’re there.

The Pristine shaperoom in Moliets at Dreamsea
Pristine surfboards shaper Hugo shaping a surfboard in the Pristine shaperoom in Moliets at Dreamsea
The Pristine shaperoom in Moliets at Dreamsea
Pristine surfboards shaper Hugo shaping a surfboard in the Pristine shaperoom in Moliets at Dreamsea

Not sure if you’re ready for a custom surfboard?

Don’t worry. In every Dreamsea Surf Camp we make it easy for you to dive into it and get used to surfing custom, handcrafted surfboards. Simply take the chance to rent one of our Pristine surfboards during the day and try them out in a Dreamsea Surf Camp of your choice. We’re 100% sure you’ll be as stoked as us when you ride them!

Black and white photo of a surfer surfing a wave

For more information about Pristine surfboards and our values, visit our website and make sure to follow us on Instagram to stay updated.

Photography: @lenasonrie // @rose_lilian // @villarroyairene // @hugogarcia.88

Try out Pristine surfboards here:

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