Every time we travel, we learn. We learn about the people we meet; we learn about the experiences we have, the places we visit… and we learn about ourselves. Traveling is also a way of self exploration and it has the power to change our perception about life.

But what happens when you return home after a week in Dreamsea?

We asked this question to our guests and they surprised us with these answers:


Timmy Kantusch, 23, Germany:

“In a world of digitalisation you get to know the real basics in life – surfing, friends and chilling. Life is not just working all day, it’s much more. You see things in a different way. And after Dreamsea I know what being “free” really means.

What I tell people who ask me what life is about? Well, go to Dreamsea and you will find out”


Nathalie Michelle, 25, Netherlands:

“I’ve discovered a new world where it doesn’t matter who you are, where you’re from or what you have. I’ve learned I don’t need so much stuff, and that you can be happy with almost nothing. Just nature, surfing and friends.

I got back so much richer. And I don’t mean money wise, of course, but the experience and all the amazing new friends all over the world are worth so much more.

Since I got back my boyfriend and I are making plans for moving somewhere near the beach after I graduate. Even though I’m used to the city life  (I live in Amsterdam) I’ve discovered my heart belongs to the beach.

So thanks Dreamsea, to help me find a new key part of my puzzle, and a new exciting chapter of my life” 

“What I tell people who ask me what life is about?

Well, go to Dreamsea and you will find out”


Laura Mutka, 27, Finland:

“One week can seem like a fairly short time to realize anything about yourself, but for me visiting Dreamsea Surf Camp was an eye opener. I’ve found a new sport that madly fell in love with, and the attitude and the lifestyle coming along with it is just as intriguing. During the last week I’ve got to know so many amazing people whom I’m gonna miss so so much! But there is no need to be too sad since I know I will meet you all again to chase some waves! Thank you guys!

Pura Vida!”


Fehim Fehaga, 25, Switzerland:

“Returning home after a week in Dreamsea feels like finishing the last page of your favorite book. You’re happy that you’ve done it, you’re sad that it’s over and you realize that you are back in real life after having been at a magical place for some days… and then you just decide to do the same thing again”


Jérôme Schnitger, Germany:

“My first week after Dreamsea was quite strange. I was getting back to my daily routine (at least I was trying) you know, the usual, job, family, friends, going out. I would say I live a quite good and easy life, with just the right balance of good and bad, predictability and unpredictability, agitation and calm, salt and sugar etc… Once in a while I need to break this routine, so I travel to see new places, meet new people, do new stuff. All of ma trips were very nice, with great memories. But yet, none of my trips before Dreamsea had such an impact on me. Now, it may also have been the personal situation I was in that brought me to Dreamsea (getting over a hard break up) or the natural evolution every human being goes through (even without external input). But it just so happened that I had the hardest time to reenter my “normal” life because of the heavy memories I constantly carried around.

People tend to say that you are a different person when you are on trips than you are back home. And to some extend I believe it is true. But I noticed one long term game changer for me: I managed to somewhat integrate the easy attitude into my daily routine.

In the short term though, mainly in the first week after, I remembered all the stuff that made this stay at Dreamsea: the people I met, the nights we had, the music we played, the waves we surfed, the food we ate, the times we had, the things I learned. I was constantly overwhelmed by feelings of inner peace and satisfaction but also of sadness, desire, and longing for that time.

But in the end, the overall feeling was gratitude.

I remembered one of my favorite quotes: “Don’t cry because it’s over… Smile because it happened!”

So you want to know what happened in my first week after Dreamsea? I smiled a lot! :)”


Traveling is realizing that the less you have the happier you are, realizing that stereotypes are meaningless and realizing the importance of fighting for your dreams and never stop chasing them.