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Welcome to Dreamsea France - the first Dreamsea Surf Camp to ever open its doors (or tents)! After three Vlogs about our Surf Camp in Spain, Cantabria, it was time for a change again. Even though we will miss the chill atmosphere and green, untouched landscape, we couldn't be more excited about exchanging this for the unique social vibe of Moliets. 

It’s Sunday! First of all: We hope you have enjoyed your weekend so far. Secondly, Sunday means that we’ve prepared another Dreamsea Vlog for you. In this week’s episode, we will show you the whole beauty of our Dreamsea Surf Camp in Spain, Cantabria. Gigi and Rose will take you to the most important places of the Camp, explaining everything you need to know.

With the weather getting warmer, people feeling happier, nature thriving in the most amazing colors, you probably noticed: Summer is here. And that means that the season for our European Dreamsea Surf Camps is starting! For us, this is the perfect time to try out new things, connect to new friends, and discover new places. We’d also like to use this occasion to happily introduce something new on our YouTube channel. Get ready for Dreamsea Vlogs.