sustainability /səˌsteɪ.nəˈbɪl.ə.ti/

the idea that goods and services should be produced in ways that do not use resources that cannot be replaced and that do not damage the environment.
– Cambridge Dictionary

Being eco-friendly has always been an important part of the Dreamsea philosophy. We believe that in order to enjoy the amazing gifts of mother nature, we have to respect and protect our environment as best as we can. With 2020 surprising us with new challenges and difficulties every day, we thought that it is time to actively work towards making this world a better place. The creation of Dreamsea’s sustainability department is our attempt to step further in a green direction.

Greenery at Praia da Tocha, Portugal.

To shed some light on the aspects that our sustainability department is about, we talked to Sara, Dreamsea’s sustainability manager. Sara has been working for Dreamsea for three years now: First, she managed our beautiful Surf Camp in Portugal Alentejo. Now she’s in charge of our ecological footprint as well as Dreamsea’s social responsibilities. “I couldn’t be more motivated,” she says. “This is the job of my dreams and I’ve always wished to have the possibility to work like this.”

So… What is the Dreamsea sustainability department?

Although our way of working has always been based on eco-friendliness and sustainability, we wanted to have an even better impact on our environment. In the future, we will not only focus on sustaining resources but also help to regenerate them. That’s where the creation of Dreamsea’s sustainability department comes into play. Our sustainability department was created at the end of 2020 to take care of all matters regarding sustainability, ecology, and social responsibility. Sara is managing these tasks, making sure that Dreamsea reaches another level of eco-friendliness soon.

Nature-scene at golden hour in Spain, Cantabria

Since sustainability is such a broad term that concerns a lot of different factors, the first question that Sara had to ask herself was: Where do we even start? One of the first visible, public actions she took, was introducing the Green Chat to our Surf Camps. The Green Chat is a camp activity that integrates both Dreamsea team members and guests, enabling them to express their ideas and feelings that concern our environment. It’s not about lecturing, but about connecting people and learning from each other. Sara’s goal is to find inspiration in all our Dreamsea Surf Camps by traveling around while (green-)chatting to others. We hope to see you taking part in one of our Green Chats soon!

Group of people watching the sunset on the cliffs in Dreamsea Portugal Alentejo.
Sunset-scene with ocean in the background in Dreamsea Portugal Alentejo

What is Dreamsea exactly doing regarding sustainability?

We consider Dreamsea a sustainable travel option for people from all over the world, so we act accordingly. The architecture of our destinations, for instance, is softly integrating into nature. It’s based on local traditions as well as material availability and avoids the use of corrosive materials like cement. Moreover, we want to promote a healthy and green lifestyle to all our guests and inspire them to live in an eco-friendly way outside of Dreamsea. Learn more about the way we work here:

The Green Chat is not the only activity that Dreamsea’s sustainability department has in store. There are many more actions planned that will bring some fresh air into the company: One of those is the collaboration with organizations that have a positive impact on both our natural and our social environment.

This summer, for example, we donated part of our surf material to a Portuguese project called Surf.ART. Surf.ART offers surf classes to kids who can’t afford to take lessons and we wanted to fund this amazing cause. We think it is important to not only support NGOs and projects like this but also raise awareness. We want to motivate others to help out wherever they can.

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What is the concept of regeneration? 

The concept of regeneration is not made up by Dreamsea but is formed by all people dedicating something positive to our environment. To understand this concept, we have to go back to the term ‘sustainability. Sustainability means that we sustain our lifestyle and hold onto the resources we’ve got. We act in a certain way to keep the world as it is for future regenerations. That may sound like a good idea at first. The reality is that it only made sense decades ago. If we keep on living as we do nowadays, our planet will be destroyed soon. This is why we have to move on to another new concept: Regeneration. It means that we take actions that not only maintain the state of our environment but also help it renew itself. Dreamsea wants to actively step forward to regenerate our ecosystem. For future generations.

Close-up of a wildflower in Spain Cantabria

Why is it important to dedicate resources to sustainability and regeneration?

An ecological way of living and working is the only way to preserve the ideas we believe in. Surfing, experiencing, and connecting to nature is only possible in a healthy natural habitat. But at the moment, it’s obvious that our planet is suffering and needs help to regenerate. Our whole lives depend on mother earth, so we believe that sustainability should be a priority for all responsible enterprises.

Sustainability does not only affect nature and animals but also people. That’s why Dreamsea is taking social responsibility by supporting eco-friendly ideas as well as our own team. We believe that we have to take care of the internal happiness of our company by listening. Our team is an additional part of our sustainability concept because we know that a lot of inspiration comes to us while performing daily tasks. The Dreamsea sustainability department encourages the whole team to come forward with their ideas to develop a personal and free relationship between employer and employees.

A group of people collecting trash on a beach in Bali
Close-up of a woman putting trash into a binbag carried by another man. In the background you can see the ocean and palmtrees.
A smiling girl carrying full binbags while walking on a beach in Bali

What are the goals and dreams for Dreamsea’s sustainability? 

Even though the Dreamsea sustainability department is starting small and humble, we dream big! Still, one of our most important working methods is consistency. We know that good thing needs time, that’s why we’re taking small steps to remain equally important all the way to the top. Sustainability is an ongoing process that never really ends.

For Sara it’s important to work seriously and coherently, using all possibilities we have. Her dream is for Dreamsea to become the state of art for companies in tourism and hospitality. We want to become an example for others, being sustainable and fun at the same time.

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