Bali is one of the world’s best-surfing destinations, and Canggu one of the best surfing spots in Bali. Doesn’t matter if it’s your first time surfing or if you are already a pro surfer. There is always a point break for you at walking distance as we are strategically located, close to the main point breaks of the area.

We could say that Canggu it’s a surfing paradise, not only one of the best spots in the world for learning how to surf, but also one of the most enjoyable if you already know how to do it.

Booking one of our surfing course you will receive 10 hours of surfing lessons, divided in 2 hours per day, 5 days a week. With an unbeatable ratio of 1 instructor per every 2 students.

Basic Dreamsea Surfing Lessons



Canggu in Bali is well known as one of the most friendly surfing destinations, due to its excellent condition to start learning surf for the first time or for those who haven’t surfed in a while. Our beginner package will introduce you to the surf basics in a very easy and friendly way while catching as many waves as possible during your surfing lessons.




With our intermediate package, you can expect to develop your surfing skills and catch as many waves as possible by your own from the inside lineup. Our well-qualified surf instructor will help you to understand and read waves properly, catch green waves, ride the face of the wave, and boost you surfing in amazing uncrowded waves.




If you are already an experienced surfer and just want to surf by yourself or with your friends, or if you want to keep practicing your surfing skills after the lessons just grab a board and surf.


Canggu is well known in Bali for the surfing, there are 3 main surfing beaches in Canggu, Echo Beach, Berawa Beach and Batu Bolong (our main surfing spot), but in reality, it’s all a really long sandy beach with different point breaks for all level. Canggu surfing lineup is a “rara avis” in the surfing world where you can find beginners and pros together.