Joglo is the name of an Indonesian roof type, and The Joglo at Dreamsea is the perfect place to practice yoga and fitness. Dreamsea Joglo its much more than a simple training place, a place full of charm where our friendly instructors will help you to push your boundaries.

In our stunning Joglo you will feel like in a jungle, connected with nature, nothing to do with the classic gyms and yoga studios because at Dreamsea we believe in reinventing and giving a twist to all the experiences.

Our Joglo is open 7 days a week, with different classes of yoga and fitness during the day. Just choose your favourite discipline and enjoy training your body, mind and soul.


The yoga classes at Dreamsea Surf Camp in Canggu are designed to be a sanctuary for the body, heart, and mind. Your breathing will be filled with a mixture of fresh sea breeze and savage local flora. Join every morning to energize your vibe and at the end of the day to stretch and find serenity. Whatever you choose, it is a perfect time to feel younger and in touch with yourself.

We have meticulously chosen the styles practiced at Dreamsea Canggu:

VINYASA YOGA: it is a style characterized for being more dynamic and invigorating. It is based on sequences of postures, which specifically attend to anatomical, physiological and mental benefits. With multiple adaptations according to the starting point of each person. The variable nature of Vinyasa Yoga helps to develop a more balanced body as well as prevent repetitive motion injuries.

YIN YOGA: also known as restorative yoga, is a nice way to relax and get a profound rest. Yin yoga is a style of yoga with slower rhythm and asanas (postures) that are held longer (from around 1 to 5 minutes, depending on the level). Yin yoga aims to increase circulation in joints and improve flexibility. It is also a more meditative approach to yoga.

GENTLE FLOW: Specially created and conceived to revitalise the body, reduce your stress and calm your mind, this is a slow-moving type of Yoga, where your movements get synchronised with your breathing for the pure connection of body and mind. This style is excellent for beginners and anyone interested in restoring their internal balance.


Where Fun and Sport high five each

Here’s how I remember fun as a kid – running around an open field playing freeze tag or spontaneously gathering a group of kids from my neighbourhood to play football. We laughed. We played. There was nothing else. Fun, play and flow are very similar things but as we get older and sports become more serious, we lose our ability to have fun and go with the flow.

Fun increases your physical and psychological health. It boosts endorphins which decreases stress and improves our tolerance for pain. It increases our relationships, not only with the people you are having fun with but it helps us feel good about all of our relationships. Laughter releases serotonin which reduces stress and is good for memory, sleep, breathing, heart rate, and mood. Fun increases your lifespan because it’s positive. It also lifts energy levels. When you take the time to relax, to have fun and to enjoy yourself, you are more capable of dealing better with everything else in life.

The unconscious message is that sports are not meant to be fun. They are meant to be serious and hard work. Serious and hard work is what makes you a better, grow, get better athlete and what will get you into sport.

These two worlds can absolutely coexist, and they should. We have to figure out the balance, LIFE is not all fun but it’s also not all WORK! As an adult, I try to incorporate fun into my life and often saddened that it seems so difficult to do. Fun is incredibly important to health and to success.

Fun is an inherent part of childhood. Let experiment it. Let be Childs again. Let it be part of the learning, part of the progress.

Let’s improve our skills having fun

MUAY THAI: Muay Thai is an age-old martial arts originating<from Thailand. Muay Thai is also known as the “art of eight limbs” due to the distinctive use of punch, elbow, knee, and kick strikes.

– Increases speed, agility and coordination.
– Builds lean muscle and improves cardiovascular fitness.
– Burn calories.
– It provides you with a huge quantity of laugh.

Power Core: If you have always wanted abs of steel, you are lucky.
Crunch, flex and twist your way to a stronger core and better posture in this floor-based class.

– Increases core strength.
– Alleviates back pain, improves body posture and balance.
– Enhances mobility.

Stretch and mobility: Goodbye stress, hello strength. Perfect for all fitness level, focus on relaxation techniques to relieve any physical or mental stress while working the muscles to increase mobility, flexibility and strength.

– Increases flexibility and improves balance.
– Builds strength and improves muscle tone.
– Releases stress and tension.

Hiit/Fitness: Condition, tone and support weight loss. More than welcome to the ultimate total workout. Train your whole body, chest, back, shoulder, arms, legs and core. Shape get you into a shape, simple.

KTR: Blaze through a day’s worth of<cardio in thirty flat. Burn through explosive drills in a high-intensity challenge that demands everything you’ve got and incinerates your goals before you know it.