At Dreamsea Surf School Las Palmas, we want to offer you the best surfing experience. Learn about surfing and its culture from its most positive, fun, creative, and community point of view. Thus enjoying learning without losing sight of the beauty of the process and the natural and social environment that surrounds it.

We are in La Cicer, Guanarteme, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, a place where the sport is practiced and the atmosphere of surfing is breathed since its origins in the islands, in 1963. La Cicer beach, where we will teach classes, allows you to enjoy surfing all year round. The beach also offers a wide variety of waves perfect for any level.

We invite you to discover and enjoy surfing with us. A unique trip that you will never forget.

Dreamsea Surf School is located on La Cicer beach, in Las Palmas, capital of the island of Gran Canaria.


A small island, with a diverse and precious cultural, natural, and historical offer, and that invites you to discover from its magnificent coasts and waves to its highest volcanoes.


Place where the locals will welcome you, and you will enjoy unforgettable experiences.

We offer in our school, surf lessons for all levels and audiences.


Our instructors and the local team will teach you on the beach that saw them grow up and become passionate about surfing. You will enjoy the best surf lessons in a friendly and close environment.


Let yourself go and fall in love with the sea, like us, regardless of your surfing level. The important thing is to have fun and go home, after a surf session, with your best smile.

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Our passion for surfing defines our culture and philosophy of life.


We enjoy surfing in its most fun, creative, contemporary, and community way.


We firmly believe that if we want to continue enjoying this way of life we must follow the path of sustainability, being aware, supporting, and creating projects that follow our values.

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We offer you a wide range of lessons, where you will find the perfect fit for your needs and level. You can choose your level – initiation, intermediate or technical – of classic surfing or longboarding. Have fun while you learn and keep improving your surfing.
You can also find a wide range of surfboards for rental waiting for you.




Our surfing program has been specially designed by professionals of physical education, surf, and sports. Created and meticulously designed for all levels of surfers and for all physical conditions. We want you to learn, we want you to improve, we want you to rip the waves. Be honest and realistic with your level when you are up to choose a program.
All levels welcome, come as you are!!


Don’t hesitate to contact us, our team is here to help you on how to get here, quotations or any other question you may have.