Our surfing program has been specially designed by professionals of physical education, surf and sports. Created and meticulously designed for all levels of surfers and for all physical conditions. By joining our surf program you will not only be able to taste the surfing life and surf training, but you will also be able to improve your skills, and more importantly, gain the necessary knowledge to continue your training and progress at home. If you are interested in becoming a real surfer our surfing program is the key.

If you want to become a better surfer, we have the best coaching programs available to help you work in your weaker areas and achieve your goals.

Children are receptive beings who grow and learn with each lived experience. That is why at Dreamsea we are committed to a quality proposal that provides them with values, resources and possibilities for their development and self-discovery. We offer much more than surfing or a day at the beach. Our activities are based on an education in values ​​that help maximize the qualities of each child and get the best out of themselves. Fun and learning hand in hand.

The activities are directed by a team of professionals in the sector with the qualification of national surf coach and lifeguard. The safety of children is the most important thing for us. For this reason, our highly qualified and experienced team will take care of and ensure the safety of each of our students, accompanied by the best materials for their safety. They will learn to know the tides, the currents and to enjoy the sea without danger. We will regularly remember the use of sunscreen and the importance of it.






  • 1 WEEK: 140€ per kid
  • 2 WEEKS: 240€ per kid
  • 3 WEEKS: 330€ per kid
  • 4 WEEKS: 440€ per kid
  • EXTRA WEEK: 100€ per kid



By weeks:
From 27/06/2022 to 02/09/2022
From Monday to Friday
From 9H to 13H



  • Equipment needed
  • Unlimited use of the school facilities
  • Breakfast: sandwich, fruit and water
  • Qualified instructors (FCS y FES)
  • Civil liability and accident insurance

The campus is designed for kids between 5 and 15 years old. Knowing how to swim is essential for surfing and participation on campus. The ratio of students per instructor is 6. It is recommended to bring: Swimsuit, towel, hat, flip flops and sunscreen 50.



Our surfing program

We want you to enjoy and take advantage of the learning process, to improve and to rip the waves. That´s why we have divided our surfing program in three different levels. Please, be honest and realistic with your level when you are up to choose a program. Read carefully the prerequisites of our available levels and get the one that better matches your surf skills.

All levels welcome!!



Get the feeling of riding small rolling and breaking waves on easy-to-follow steps. You will lose your balance and fall off, enjoy the benefits of drinking salty water and stand up again. Standing up, laughing, and having fun are guaranteed. Start right now with this passionate sport!



None, suitable for first-time surfers or those who surf a few times before and wish to get the right technique from the beginning in order to progress faster.

What You Learn


  • Introduction to safety
  • Beach awareness: understand the area & safe place to enter
  • Surfing equipment
  • Surf etiquettes: behavior in the water Paddling.
  • How to deal with small waves
  • How to select basic waves
  • How to mount, position, catch and ride a wave in prone & standing position
  • Techniques: efficient paddling, board control, standing up, correct balancing stance

What Includes


  • 2 hours lessons with a certified coach
  • Surf equipment providing (not hardboard)
  • Surf theory lesson
  • Ratio: 1 instructor / 6 students



Get into a lifestyle. If you already know the basics of surfing and are able to catch white wash, stand up and balance, get ready for the next level: hormones revolution. Get excited, challenge yourself, understand the waves and how it works, timing & take off and perform front & back side turns.



  • Comfortable with the basics of surfing
  • Able to catch, balance and stand regularly and comfortably on broken waves without assistance
  • Able to catch the occasional green small waves if the conditions let us do it

What You Learn


  • Determine the best time to surf
  • Understand wave mechanics: how the wind, tide, swell, currents interact and how they affect the waves
  • How to read tide charts and swell forecast
  • Understand what waves to avoid and what to catch
  • First steps on timing and take off with small green waves (if the conditions let us)
  • Basic front and back side turn as the first step to trimming the waves face

What Includes


  • 2 hours surf lesson with a certified coach
  • Surf equipment provided during the lessons (not hardboard)
  • Theory lesson
  • Ratio: 1 instructor / 6 students


*Required: intermediate surf level*

Be part of the island’s longboard community. Learn and improve your skills through personalized coaching, video analysis, practice, technical correction, and enjoy surfing. Our instructor, Gabriel Santana, has many years of experience and is key in the Canarian community, transmitting his greatest passion: the art and science of longboarding.



  • Intermediate surf level: Knowing how to move in the water with the longboard and catch green waves in both directions.

What You Learn


  • Gabriel Santana has a degree in physical activity and sports sciences; is a national longboard judge and runner-up in Spain in longboard.
  • He offers us a master class in which you can perfect your technique and learn classic surf maneuvers.
  • Get personalized exercises so you can keep improving on your own.
  • Enjoy surfing and learn to do it in a fun way.

What Includes


  • 1 hour theory briefing
  • 2.5 hours longboard lesson at the beach
  • Personal analysis, tips, and exercises to keep on working
  • Ratio: 6 students per instructor.
  • You can bring your board of 9′ or more, or rent longboards on request (with extra cost).

Price and Dates




Be part of the family and community!


Join all the lessons you want (with the established schedule, under availability, and booking 24H in advance). Perfect for residents and all levels. And get a 10% discount at The Surf Concept store, Dreamsea Beach Bar, Maripili restaurant, and Nativo restaurant!



Do you want an even more personalized treatment and make the most of your time in the water? Try our private lessons.


We offer private lessons for 2 hours on Mondays, from 17:00 to 21:00. In case this schedule doesn’t fit you, don’t worry, we will try our best to find an option.



Surf cool & fun: We offer much more than surfing or a day at the beach. Our activities are based on an education in values ​​that help maximize the qualities of each child and get the best out of themselves. Surf lessons for kids of up to 14 years old, with reduced groups, security, and a lot of fun assured. Fun and learning hand in hand.


THE SURF CONCEPT CLUB Join all the lessons you want (with the stablished schedule, under availablity and booking 24H in advance). Perfect for residents and all levels. And get a 10% discount at The Surf Concept store, Maripili restaurant and Nativo restaurant! 90€ per month
Surf Beginner Tuesdays/Thursdays 12:00-14:00, Wednesdays/Fridays 14:00-16:00 & Saturdays 9:30-11:30 Group session: 2H session/30€ | 4 sessions bonus/65€
Private session: 2H session/60€ | 4 sessions bonus/170€
Surf Intermediate Mondays/Tuesdays/Thursdays 10:00-12:00, Wednesdays 16:00-18:00
Kids Play Friday 17:00-19:00, Saturdays 11:30-13:30 Monthly program: lesson of 2H per week/65€ | 2 lessons of 2H per week/85€
Longboard Clinics Next dates: December 3 and January 16
*Requiered: intermediate surf level*
Group event: 4H/65€ per person

Lessons Information:

Structure of a lesson


• Show up at the Surf School 10 minutes before the start of the lesson.
• Change clothes
• A briefing about the lesson in the surf school
• Theory on the beach
• Warm-up
• Practice on the sand
• Practice in the water

Terms & Conditions


• The student has to communicate to us, at least 48 hours in advance, his/her intention to attend a lesson.
• Confirmation of the desired date and time will depend on the availability of free places.
• Once a class has been scheduled, for any change we have to check the space available in the groups.
• If the student does not show up for a scheduled class, it will be considered as a class that has already taken place.
• In no case will a partial or total refund be given. We will try to suit you in another group or lesson with free space available.
• Minimum age for group classes with adults: 14 years old.
• Classes will always be in groups of a maximum of 8 students per instructor.
• Lessons will be given by qualified instructors.
• Includes the use of the facilities: changing rooms, toilets, showers, lockers,…
• Includes civil liability insurance and accident insurance.

Groups & Events

In case you would like to have surf lessons for groups, team building, or special events, contact us and we will be happy to get ready a tailored offer for you. We offer group and resident discounts.


    Soft Top Surfboard (beginners) 9€ 15€
    Short Surfboard (advanced) 18€ 30€
    Long Surfboard (advanced) 20€ 40€
    Wetsuits 9€ 15€


    Groups of 8-15 people 10%
    Groups of 16 or more people 15%
    University/Erasmus students 10%