Dreamsea Mediterranean Camp is a place that allows you to try various water sports such as Stand up paddle, snorkelling, kayaking, … and many other sports and activities like Yoga, Mountain Bike, Hiking, Skating, Beach Volley, table tennis and more.

Stand up paddle

The Mediterranean and especially the white coast of Spain is one of the most beautiful places where to practise this sport. Paddle to secret beaches, caves and enjoy the beauty of the cliffs merged with the turquoise waters of this coast.


Other of the nicest sports to practice in the Mediterranean Sea, kayak through the coast to discover all that this area has to discover, our instructors will bring you to the most scenic landscapes of the white coast.


Find the perfect equilibrium for your body and soul complementing the practice of SUP with yoga lessons. Yoga improves important skills for SUP such as balance, focus, and breathing. Our morning lessons are meant to energize your body and mind and the evening lessons are good for stretching your muscles and relaxing after the intense day of sport and adventure.


The warm waters of the Mediterranean Sea during the summer make this coast of Alicante a place full of underwater life. Grab the masks, snorkels and fins and enjoy the marine life.

Mountain Bike

Discover the scenic routes along this coast, our team will recommend you the best to see in this region.


The white coast of the Mediterranean Sea in Alicante is full of beautiful paths on the cliffs, places with amazing landscapes, and panoramic views. Our team will recommend you our favorite ones and you can also discover others by yourself.