Our surf camp is the ideal place for people who want to connect with the culture and nature of Morocco, enjoy some world-class waves, and connect with people from different countries but with the same love for nature, the ocean and the surfing.

Open year-round, our surf camp is strategically situated, within walking distance of two of the finest surfing spots in Morocco. You’ll bask in the endless sunshine and the pristine beaches of Imsouane.


Imsouane offers fantastic surfing conditions nearly year-round, and our surf camp is situated within walking distance of two of Morocco’s most renowned beaches, celebrated for their beauty and exceptional surfing conditions.


Our carefully selected menu at our surf camp allows you to taste the best local products and recipes. We will offer the best seasonal based dishes in order to be sustainable and give you the opportunity to enjoy the fantastic cuisine.


Discover the magic of Imsouane, a small fisherman town full of charm and pintoresque landscapes and scenes. Whether it’s the vibrant fishing boats bobbing in the harbor, the golden sands kissed by the Atlantic waves, or the warm smiles of the locals, Imsouane captures the heart and soul of Morocco’s coastal beauty like no other place.


Find the perfect equilibrium for your body and soul complementing the practice of surf with yoga lessons. Yoga improves important skills for surfing such as balance, focus and breathing. Our morning lessons are meant to energize your body and mind and the evening lessons are good for stretching your muscles and relaxing after the intense day of sport and adventure.


Relax and unwind by grabbing a good book and a cup of tea, then head to our cozy chill-out area to while away a leisurely afternoon.


Our surf camp is located in Camping Ocean Point, Plage d’imsouane, Route d’Essaouira, Imsouane 80043 Morocco. With coordenates: 30°50’43.9″N 9°49’19.7″W

The easiest and quickest airport to fly in is Agadir airport, a 2 hour drive depending on traffic from the airport to the Surf Camp for 50€/way,  up to 4 people. Our private transfer service is available 24/7.

You can also decide to fly to Essaouira Airport,  It takes about 2 hours from Essaouira airport to Imsouane, depending on the traffic.

For the transfer services, we offer private transport service from/to :
– Transfer Agadir Airport: 50€*
– Transfer Agadir: 40€*
– Transfer Essaouira: 80€*
– Transfer Marrakech: 150€*
* per way up to 4 people

In case you have any doubts or need more info, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!