Dreamsea Surf Camp in Praia da Tocha is a surfers and travellers paradise, a place where to forget all your problems and stress from back home and embrace a different lifestyle, Dreamsea is a place full of good vibes and welcoming people that will make you feel part of the family from the very first moment.

The surf camp is located just next to the fisherman village of Praia da Tocha, with restaurants, markets and bars. Just a few minutes from the surf camp its located the beach, one of the best-kept secrets of Portugal, an outstanding large beach with yellow sand and amazing surfing breaks.

Dinning Area & Terrace

In our surf camp in Praia de Tocha, the dining area and lounge is the life centre of the surf camp, a social place where there is always happening. Our dining area is a magnificent 2 floors wooden structure, specially decorated by our experts to make you feel all the magic of Dreamsea.


Surfing Life requires a balanced and nutritive diet, surfing is a very demanding sport, and the food is the fuel of your body. Our menu specially designed by our food experts mix the local Portuguese cuisine with international elements, always using fresh and local products.


Praia da Tocha is undoubted one of the most scenic beaches in Portugal, a wild yellow sandy beach that acts as the perfect link between the Atlantic Ocean and it waves and the village and its typical building “Os Palheiros”.  At Praia da Tocha you will be able to enjoy some of the most picturesque sunsets in Europe.

Tiki Bar

It´s time for holidays, after an exhausting day down the sun, full of surfing and other activities and sports, it´s time for chilling and a nice cold reward. We have for you a nice selection of local beers and wines, or some cocktails too if you fancy.


Because at Dreamsea there is time for everything, our beautiful chill-out area is the perfect place for reading a book, having a nap or just rest a bit before another surfing session or some night party.


Are you a skater? enjoy our mini-ramp to practice your tricks. Do you want to learn some skate?  just ask some of our staff for some help.

Swimming Pool

If you are too lazy for walking to the beach, or just tired of sand and salt, just have a quick bath in the swimming pool.


Find the perfect equilibrium for your body and soul complementing the practice of surf with yoga lessons. Yoga improves important skills for surfing such as balance, focus and breathing. Our morning lessons are meant to energize your body and mind and the evening lessons are good for stretching your muscles and relaxing after the intense day of sport and adventure.

Dreamsea family doing yoga lessons


During your stay at Dreamsea Surf Camp in Praia da Tocha, you will have the opportunity to discover one of the most beautiful and culturally rich areas of Portugal. With beautiful old cities full of history as Coimbra, Aveiro or Porto. Join our weekly trip to one of this destination and discover all that this area has to offer.



Praia da Tocha is a really unique fisherman village, well known for its typical constructions “Palheiros”, a beautiful structure that fishermen built in this area as houses. Discover the early morning fishermen market direct on the beach and enjoy some of the most beautiful sunsets in the dunes of Praia da Tocha.



Coimbra is one of the most culturally rich cities in Portugal, Coimbra hosts the first University of Portugal, created in 1537. Was once the capital of Portugal for over 100 years, and is one of the most active cities in Portugal, its historical centre hosts different Unesco Heritage buildings, don´t miss them.



Porto is the second largest city in Portugal, located along the Douro River estuary, is one of the oldest European centres, its historical centre it’s Unesco Heritage.  A must visit in the city is one of the Porto wineries, that produce the world famous fortified wine.