Surf Camp Portugal | Surf Camp - Frequently asked questions
We answer all the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) before arriving to Dreamsea Surf Camp Portugal
FAQs Dreamsea Portugal
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Please contact us for any question or further information:

01 Can I attend to Dreamsea Surf Camps if I have never surfed?

Of course you can, actually a great percentege of our clients have never had any previous contact with surfing. Our teaching method for begineers starts from zero. You need to be able to swim and be aware that you will live and unforgettable experience.

02 Could I go alone to the surf camp?

Yes, you can. We have many people attending to our surf camps by themselves. Once at the surf camp you will meet more guests like you and will make some good new friends.

03 What should I bring to the surf camp?

We offer bedding in all our tents typology. You have to bring a shower towel if you are staying in a shared tent. And besides that, all the usual things you should bring to the beach: beach towels, sunscreen, flip-flops, swimsuit, sunglasses, etc…

At the surf camp, we have available cups, plates, and cutlery. You won´t need to bring all this stuff.

04 Could I use the surf camp equipment after the surf lessons?

Yes, you have unlimited free access to all the surf camp equipment. Discover all the equipment you have available to use and borrow in our surf camp .

05 If I can already surf, should I also attend to lessons?

Of course you should, if you have already reached a certain level you will join the intermediate group. Here the ratio of instructor per student changes but also the layout of lessons. And you will improve your surfing technique and skills.

06 Can I bring my own equipment to the surf camp?

Of course, sometimes changing equipment once you are used to it is not a good idea. A common occurrence is students attempting to learn to surf by themselves using surfboards that are too advanced for their skill level. Surfboards that are too short, narrow or thin may only slow down your progression.

At Dreamsea surf camp we have a very big quiver of surfboards, from 5´6 round nose to 9´. Your instructor will advise you on equipment so that you will also have the board that best fits your skill level, weight and height.

07 What kind of food is available?

The weekly menu is built around a balanced diet taking into account the effort you realize every day. During the breakfast you will enjoy a great buffet with variety of fresh fruit, daily made breads, milks, juices, etc..

During the dinner you will enjoy international dishes. Of course we will offer a vegetarian option.

08 Shuttles can be arranged?

Yes, of course, we can pick you up and transfer you to the surf camp from the nearest airports and train-bus stations, you have to inform us in advance of the day, date, and place of arrival.

The prices of the transfers vary according to the place of pick-up and will be per person and way. You can consult them here.