Surf Camp Portugal | Surfing Lessons
All the information about the most complete and professionals surfing lessons in Portugal, enjoy learning how to surf with Dreamsea Surf Camps
surfing lessons
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Surf Lessons

Our surfing program has been specially designed by professionals of physical education, surf and sports. Created and meticulously designed for all levels of surfers and for all physical conditions. By joining our surf program you will not only be able to taste the surfing life and surf training, but you will also be able to improve your skills, and more importantly, gain the necessary knowledge to continue your training and progress at home. If you are interested in becoming a real surfer our surfing program is the key.

If you want to become a better surfer, we have the best coaching programs available to help you work in your weaker areas and achieve your goals.

Our surfing program is divided in three levels:

We want you to enjoy and take advantage of the learning process, to improve and to rip the waves. That´s why we have divided our surfing program in three different levels. Please, be honest and realistic with your level when you are up to choose a program. Read carefully the prerequisites of our available levels and get the one that better matches your surf skills.

All levels welcome!

Level 0: The Basics


Get the feeling of ride small rolling and breaking waves on easy to follow steps. You will be losing your balance and falling off, enjoy the benefits of drinking salty water and stand up again. We guarantee you will stand-up having fun and a lot of laughs.

Level 1: The Patterns


Leaving the Nest: Get excited, challenge yourself, understand the waves and how it works, timing & take off and perform front & back side turns.

Level 2: The Stylish


I want to be independent! Join the line-up and surf other waves. It takes courage, it’s exhausting and exhilarating at the same time. An adrenaline shot.



None, suitable for first-time surfers or those who surf a few times before and wish to get the right technique from the beginning in order to progress faster.



  • Comfortable with the basics of surfing
  • Able to catch, balance and stand regularly and comfortably on broken waves without assistance
  • Able to catch the occasional green small waves if the conditions let us do it



  • Good board control and balancing skills
  • Can perform front & back side turns
  • Timing & take off not consistent
  • Good fitness & swimming skills

What You Learn


  • Introduction to safety
  • Beach awareness: understand the area & safe place to enter
  • Surfing equipment
  • Paddling
  • How to deal with small waves
  • How to select basic waves
  • How to mount, position, catch and ride a wave in prone & standing position
  • Techniques: efficient paddling, board control, standing up, correct balancing stance

What You Learn


  • Determine the best time to surf
  • Understand wave mechanics: how the wind, tide, swell, currents interact and how they affect the waves
  • How to read tide charts and swell forecast
  • Understand what waves to avoid and what to catch
  • First steps on timing and take off with small green waves (if the conditions let us)
  • Basic front and back side turn as the first step to trimming the waves face

What You Learn


  • Acquire the knowledge & ability to surf beach breaks with confidence
  • Tricks to paddle out, overcome waves, navigate the surf & join line up
  • Perform front/back side trims along the waves face
  • Learn the importance of positioning to catch a wave
  • Understand priority rules and surf etiquette
  • Accelerate your surf performance on:                                                                       
    • Timing & take off
    • Wave reading & selection      
    • Through in-depth photo and video analysis review and feedback, the real deal

What Includes


  • Surf introduction (1h)
  • 5x surf lessons (2h)
  • Surf equipment providing (not hardboard)
  • Surf theory lesson (1h30)
  • Ratio: 1 instructor / 6 students

What Includes


  • Surf introduction (1h)
  • 5x surf lessons (2h)
  • Surf equipment provided during the lessons (not hardboard)
  • 1 surf skate session (1h)
  • 1 fit for surf session (1h)
  • 1 theory lesson (1h30)
  • Ratio: 1 instructor / 6 students

What Includes


  • Surf introduction (1h)
  • 5x surf lessons (2h)
  • Surf equipment provided during the lessons (type of board depends on the conditions)
  • 1 surf skate session (1h)
  • 1 fit for surf  session (1h)
  • 1 theory lesson (1h30)
  • 2 video analyses (45min)
  • Ratio: 1 instructor / 4 students