Dreamsea Surf Camp is located in Ahangama, where you can find a large number of surf breaks with consistent waves all year long.

From our surf camp you have easy access to the best southern spots where you can get walking or in a short tuk-tuk ride (included with the surf lessons), and find among a vast variety of surf spots, including one in front of your room, the best conditions suitable to your surf level and course.

Our normal package allows for 12 hours of surfing lessons, divided into sessions of 2 hours 6 days a week, in small groups and in different levels. With our surfing course, you can expect to improve your surfing skills according to your level, we divide the groups into three levels:

Basic Dreamsea Surfing Lessons



Sri Lanka is well known as one of the most friendly surfing destinations, due to its excellent condition to start learning surf for the first time or for those who haven’t surfed in a while. Our beginner package will introduce you to the surf basics in a very easy and friendly way while catching as many waves as possible during your surfing lessons.




With our intermediate package, you can expect to develop your surfing skills and catch as many waves as possible by your own from the inside lineup. Our well-qualified surf instructor will help you to understand and read waves properly, catch green waves, ride the face of the wave, and boost you surfing in amazing uncrowded waves.




Our experienced, well-qualified surf instructor and our local surf knowledge will help you to get the most of your surf trip. Improve your surf techniques with our advance package and take your surf skills to the next level while receiving individual feedback and coaching.

Dreamsea Surf Camp Instructor Jump



If you want to have a dedicated personal surf instructor for you, or for your kids, you can book private lessons, where the surf instructor will be always 100% attending your needs and giving you tips to improve your surfing skills.

You can book as many private lessons as you want, each lesson lasts for 2 hours, and we don´t recommend more than 2 lessons per day. The maximum of people allowed in a private lesson is 3, if you are coming in a group of 4 or more, we can do a group of lessons only for you, or you can have 2 private instructors.




If you have already enough experience to surf independently you can join us without having lessons with free access to all our equipment. Ask our surf instructors for the best spots of the day, or tips on where to go surfing.

If after or before the lessons you still have energy and want to keep improving your surfing skills you can use our equipment as long as you want to free surf. Please always ask our instructors to give you advice on which spots to go according to your surfing level.


Suitable to all surfer’s taste, right or left, sand or reef, you can either surf in front of our camp or you can easily get to the closest surf spots like Kabalana, Weligama, Mirissa, Point, on a short tuk-tuk ride, looking for different conditions, to enjoy uncrowded surf lines.